Two Great Churches Become One


Life Center:

With cooperation of local pastors, Rockwood Assembly of God was started by Leonard Parker at 182nd and Burnside on November 6, 1956.

Soon the church purchased acreage at 178th and Main. The owner, a retired minister, wished to see the land used for a place of worship to the Lord. In 1966 a new building, known as Parker Hall was constructed. Later a second education wing was added. A new name, Life Center, came under the ministry of Gordon Anderson. The church dedicated a new 1,200 seat sanctuary. Under Lloyd Eaton, the church completed remodeling  and improvements. In 1986, Thomas Horn became the new pastor of the fellowship.


Evangel Temple:

Early in the 1940’s, Floyd Huntley started Southeast Assembly of God in an old store building in the Lents District of Portland. A small group of people began to worship there. Following Floyd Huntley, John Jamison  was called to pastor. The congregation was able to buy a church on 93rd and Ramona. Under Noble Ballews, a church was built on 75th and Foster Road.

In 1953, Joseph Dunets came to minister. During his long tenure the church name was changed to Evangel Temple. In the three decades of his ministry Evangel continued to experience growth. The congregation built the existing facility on 175th and Powell in 1980.

Robert Barham followed Les Binkley as Pastor in 1986. Under his leadership, church ministries were solidified.

Family Worship Center:

This new church came into existence through the leading of the Holy Spirit. During 1986, and 1987, discussions were held between both pastors and church boards. After sensing the direction of the Lord and a period of much prayer, the congregations began to hold joint services in the fall of 1987. By the close of the year, it was clear this “joining together” was of God. In February of 1988, both churches voted overwhelmingly to become a new body known as Family Worship Center.  Under the leadership of Pastor Robert Barham, and Senior Associate Pastor Thomas Horn, Family Worship Center moved into an exciting new era. In 2001, former Associate Pastor Dan Hatton returned to assume the Lead Pastorate of the church. We gaze ahead with anticipation.  As Pastor Dan says, “We are here to watch what God does, and give Him the glory!” Under the leadership of Pastor Dan, we became a debt free church in December 2015.  The focus of our church is emphasized in it’s name:

                                                    Family Worship Center