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Our History

Two Great Churches Become One


Our church came into existence through the leading of the Holy Spirit to the congregations of Life Center and Evangel Temple. After sensing the direction of the Lord and a period of much prayer, the two churches began to hold joint services in the fall of 1987. By the end of the year, it was clear this “joining together” was of God. In February of 1988, both churches voted overwhelmingly to become a new body known as Family Worship Center.


Pastor Robert Barham, and Senior Associate Pastor Thomas Horn moved Family Worship Center into an exciting new era, and in 2001, former Associate Pastor Dan Hatton returned and accepted the Lead Pastorate of the church. Under Pastor Dan's leadership, we became a debt free church in December 2015. We are thankful for the last 30 years being a church family, and we look ahead to what God has in store for us and our community.

As Pastor Joe says, “The best is yet to come!”  

The focus of our church is emphasized in its name: Family Worship Center

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